New Shed - Just In Time For Winter

Super Excited to get the Costco Shed almost built (still finishing the roof at the time of this writing). Very beginning, set and leveled the supports: We pre-built the walls, after setting up the platform we moved everything into position: The project manager doing her inspection: Temporary pause as we wait for the rain to pass. All the materials are ready to go: Special huge thanks to Henry and Brian for knocking this out with what would have taken me a few months to complete.

Summer 2019

Germany, finally. Vienna, Munich, Montreux and everything in between here we come. The whole family is going for a couple of weeks in August (8/11-8/27), I am really looking forward to some new adventures. Ethan is super excited to check out the WW2 museums, Natalie is excited to see the artwork, and Kelly and I are excited to experience new places for the first time with the kids! Google Album will be up after the trip. Can't wait to share. If you have had a trip to Germany recently, tell us about it. Always looking for fun stuff to try! Thanks.

Patagonia Trip

New Goal - Patagonia 2019 Thinking this year is the year for all of us to go to Patagonia (Kelly, Natalie, Ethan, and I). One of my co-workers went for a month and brought back some of the most amazing pictures. I'm looking at taking a cruise, something like this: If anyone has gone, please let me know. Maybe I will even turn comments on for 2019!

Hello 2019

Here we go 2019! Looking forward to an amazing year with family and friends. For New Years we took a trip through the Redneck Riviera staring in New Orleans, Alabama, down to Florida: Amazing trip, but it was a little cold. We were hoping to see the sun just a little and I have never been as cold in Florida :). Back to the frozen NW until spring comes out! Cheers.


Here we go, starting to feel like fall. Good-bye summer, time to start thinking about football, fishing, skiing, etc. We have not had much time to travel, but on the plus side, we are out of debt and saving money! If you click on the pictures below, it opens up a Google Photos Album - so you can see all the pictures! Hope to see you all soon - happy fall. Weekend in Clallam County Tuna Fishing at Westport Tyler's Birthday Dad's Birthday Trip to Barcelona Spain


Testing an S3 driven photo gallery! So using a free IOS app called, “Archivist”, I am archiving all my pictures to S3. Then I am publishing a website with a time limit. Hosting the entire gallery in fotorama.js. As an example, here are some pictures from a hike at Mount Walker:

Joshua Tree National Park California

Amazing Desert Wilderness California is so pretty and diverse. We have deserts in Washington (Eastern Washington) but you aren't going to find Joshua trees: The amazing vistas blow you away as well: Incredible place, if you are in the area check it out. I could have spent a few days hiking there!

Using Apple Health Data

Amazing Data Every day I am blown away with all the amazing data going to Apple's Health app in my iPhone. Pulling in different data from my scale, Apple Watch, Ozmo water bottle, etc. provides an amazing picture for myself as well as my doctor. The first step was to download and install QS Access a free handy little app that lets you pull data off your phone. I saved it right into Google Sheets and then made a quick and dirty graph: The next step is to start pulling in relevant data in realtime and then share with my doctor in a secure format. I have been experimenting with AWS CloudFront to speed things up and add HTTPS. Next article I will do a write-up on what I learned and how I protected parts of my website.

April 2018

Palm Desert! Keeping up with the work tour… We flew from Portland, to Oakland, over to Carmel, then to Palm Desert. Wow, what a good time! Google photos Some of the things I enjoyed the most: Hot air balloon - Ethan and my, first time! Hanging by the pool with Kelly and the kids Hummer excursion through Joshua Tree National Park

February 2018

San Francisco! I'm starting to turn my work trips into vacations. Both Natalie and Ethan are getting old enough to join us on adventures that are fun for everyone. It turns out that they have very good taste in food and fun. Google photos Some of our favorite things in San Francisco: Go Cars - three wheeled scooters that let you go just about anywhere Alcatraz - I was able to talk to the last living convict of Alcatraz. He even signed a book for me. He is a true convict but the book was very interesting! Golden Gate Park - amazing area, we all had fun.


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Why Poulsbo?

Amazing place!

Happy Holidays

Thinking back over the last year, we have been pretty busy. Kelly and I have been focusing on getting out of debt including the house. Taking a bit longer than we thought but we are still managing to take some vacations on budget! This year Ethan and I went to Fairbanks to hang out with Eric and family, hike Denali, and have a guy adventure. Kelly and Natalie went to Georgia to look at horses on a girl adventure. We still have our annual trip to Tucson AZ coming up as well. I put together a short photo album for 2017 as well. Enjoy!

Thank you Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving I had a great time out in Sequim WA visiting with family. I think my favorite was the bounce house Ron and Linda had. Great investment to wear the boys out! Jango helped wear Rollie out. For the first time when he got home he put himself to bed!

Ethan's Birthday

Big 11 year old! Ethan had his favorite dinner chicken and for desert cherry pie. Along with a lot of presents. Thank you family for all the presents. He has more than enough and is a happy guy!

Poulsbo Pete Status

Poulsbo Pete Status I get asked about the performance and status of websites a lot (goes with the job). Here is your current session. My goal is to stay under four seconds no matter where you go on If you go over 4 seconds I get an alert: This is a simulated user over the past week (average and 95th percentile): This is the actual client page load time. This is the actual average and 95 percentile running in your browser:

New and Improved

I have gone back to for my websites. The right price using AWS S3.