Patagonia Trip

New Goal - Patagonia 2019 Thinking this year is the year for all of us to go to Patagonia (Kelly, Natalie, Ethan, and I). One of my co-workers went for a month and brought back some of the most amazing pictures. I’m looking at taking a cruise, something like this: If anyone has gone, please let me know. Maybe I will even turn comments on for 2019!

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Hello 2019

Here we go 2019! Looking forward to an amazing year with family and friends. For New Years we took a trip through the Redneck Riviera staring in New Orleans, Alabama, down to Florida: Amazing trip, but it was a little cold. We were hoping to see the sun just a little and I have never been as cold in Florida :). Back to the frozen NW until spring comes out!

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Upgrading The Audi

I’m pretty excited to have a German car to work on with Ethan. Recently Kelly’s Dad upgraded to an RS 3, which meant his 2006 Audi A4 Quattro was for sale. Sounds like a good car for Kelly right? :) So the first upgrade that Ethan and I are looking at is the Engine Control Unit (ECU) This little upgrade has different modes for the octane of fuel that you are burning.

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Here we go, starting to feel like fall. Good-bye summer, time to start thinking about football, fishing, skiing, etc. We have not had much time to travel, but on the plus side, we are out of debt and saving money! If you click on the pictures below, it opens up a Google Photos Album - so you can see all the pictures! Hope to see you all soon - happy fall.

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Testing an S3 driven photo gallery! So using a free IOS app called, “Archivist”, I am archiving all my pictures to S3. Then I am publishing a website with a time limit. Hosting the entire gallery in fotorama.js. As an example, here are some pictures from a hike at Mount Walker: . --

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Amazing Desert Wilderness California is so pretty and diverse. We have deserts in Washington (Eastern Washington) but you aren’t going to find Joshua trees: The amazing vistas blow you away as well: Incredible place, if you are in the area check it out. I could have spent a few days hiking there!

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Amazing Data Every day I am blown away with all the amazing data going to Apple’s Health app in my iPhone. Pulling in different data from my scale, Apple Watch, Ozmo water bottle, etc. provides an amazing picture for myself as well as my doctor. The first step was to download and install QS Access a free handy little app that lets you pull data off your phone. I saved it right into Google Sheets and then made a quick and dirty graph:

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