Welcome 2022

I am writing this post on my Birthday, reflecting on the year we have made the very best so far. Ethan and I were all set to fly to Park View, Utah, meet up with Allison and Jackson to do some skiing in what was probably the very best snow of my life. Instead, our flight got canceled last minute, and the next available flight was towards the end of the week. We made some quick changes and went to Mount Baker instead, always appreciate Bellingham but still want to experience Utah skiing someday.

Natalie went back to WSU, leaving her car behind. Ethan and I will change the catalytic converter, which needed replacing, and we got new tires for it. It will be all ready for when she is ready to drive back to Pullman. This time, she flew back but didn’t need a car with all the snow.

Ethan and I changed the brakes on Natalie’s car for my Birthday, made some ribeye steaks on the grill. Perfect low key 49th Birthday. He even drove me to Starbucks earlier for my Birthday coffee. Perfect.

Thank you so much to all the well-wishers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. So many social sites. I like being social but also a full-time job keeping up.

Keep it coming 2022!

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