AWS re:invent Part II

Las Vegas is nutty Wow, great time but holy smokes there is so much to see and do. AWS re:invent didn't fail to deliver, but I was able to see many of the sessions I couldn't get in on YouTube. Next time, maybe I will stay home or fly in to meet with folks for a day or two.

Going to AWS re:Invent!

First Time Going to Las Vegas for a conference Going to AWS re:Invent Going to AWS, re:Invent with friends (Starbucks, Disney, REI, Nordstrom, etc.) This is going to be so much fun!

Poulsbo Pete Status

Poulsbo Pete Status I get asked about the performance and status of websites a lot (goes with the job). Here is your current session. My goal is to stay under four seconds no matter where you go on If you go over 4 seconds I get an alert: This is a simulated user over the past week (average and 95th percentile): This is the actual client page load time. This is the actual average and 95 percentile running in your browser: