‘Seattle Outdoor Gear‘

Starting a new business, with simple drop shipping items that we buy and use every day. Having a lot of fun starting Seattle Outdoor Gear with Kelly and Ethan helping me out.

Denali Part 2

Ethan and I are planning another trip to Denali, as well as seeing Eric in Nome Alaska. The second time around we can plan much better by not getting a huge amount of freeze dried food, packing a lot of extra clothes, etc.

This will be a fun way to test a lot of the gear that we are selling as well. If it doesn’t work we can stop selling it!

Immediate trip

I’m getting my second covid vaccine on the 4/15 and I can’t wait to make my way down to Tucson Arizona to see my Dad and Mom. Maybe the same trip we can swing down and see Allison and Jackson as well in Texas. It has been over a year, I’m ready to start living again ;).

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