April 2018

Palm Desert! Keeping up with the work tour… We flew from Portland, to Oakland, over to Carmel, then to Palm Desert. Wow, what a good time! Google photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/dr04W8SiSFXxrooh2 Some of the things I enjoyed the most: Hot air balloon - Ethan and my, first time! Hanging by the pool with Kelly and the kids Hummer excursion through Joshua Tree National Park

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February 2018

San Francisco! I’m starting to turn my work trips into vacations. Both Natalie and Ethan are getting old enough to join us on adventures that are fun for everyone. It turns out that they have very good taste in food and fun. Google photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/a2KXc9rS0aetx6ZL2 Some of our favorite things in San Francisco: Go Cars - three wheeled scooters that let you go just about anywhere Alcatraz - I was able to talk to the last living convict of Alcatraz.

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Happy Holidays

Thinking back over the last year, we have been pretty busy. Kelly and I have been focusing on getting out of debt including the house. Taking a bit longer than we thought but we are still managing to take some vacations on budget!

This year Ethan and I went to Fairbanks to hang out with Eric and family, hike Denali, and have a guy adventure. Kelly and Natalie went to Georgia to look at horses on a girl adventure. We still have our annual trip to Tucson AZ coming up as well.

I put together a short photo album for 2017 as well. Enjoy!

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Las Vegas is nutty Wow, great time but holy smokes there is so much to see and do. AWS re:invent didn’t fail to deliver, but I was able to see many of the sessions I couldn’t get in on YouTube. Next time, maybe I will stay home or fly in to meet with folks for a day or two.

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Thanksgiving I had a great time out in Sequim WA visiting with family. I think my favorite was the bounce house Ron and Linda had. Great investment to wear the boys out! via GIPHY Jango helped wear Rollie out. For the first time when he got home he put himself to bed! Puppy cousins ❤️ #bernesemountaindogsofinstagram #thanksgivingdogs A post shared by Jango the Bernese (@jango_in_seattle) on Nov 23, 2017 at 2:23pm PST

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Ethan's Birthday

Big 11 year old! Ethan had his favorite dinner chicken and for desert cherry pie. Along with a lot of presents. Thank you family for all the presents. He has more than enough and is a happy guy!

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